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A friend of mine is a qualified masseur and she told me recently that she had heard of a new type of massage called chair massage. She decided that she would look around to see where she could get this chair massage training as she thought it would be a really useful skill to add to her repertoire. Although she found quite a few companies who offered this type of massage training, she wanted to make sure that she chose a really well qualified company who really knew their stuff.

When my friend researched chair massage, she found out that it is based on a 1,300 year old Japanese table massage. She also soon found that if one did not receive proper massage training for this technique then the masseur could often end up tired or even injured. A colleague of hers recommended for her chair massage training as she explained to her that they really knew what they were talking about when it came to this technique.

My friend could not have been happier with the chair massage training that she received from them. Not only do they have a variety of courses to choose from such as Foundation Level or Advanced, but they also have different payment options so you can either pay the full amount in advance or just pay a deposit initially. As she said, they really ensure that, through the special techniques they show you in the massage training, you can perform many massages each day without any fear of injury or exertion so the course was well worth the money. As my friend said, in a business like hers, this is a vital area to concentrate on. She could not recommend them highly enough and said that she has increased her business substantially due to this new type of massage that she has learned. provides wellbeing solutions for your workplace and events; visit our site for more on Massage Training and Stress management London .

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