Massage For Your Teen


If you started to massage your teen as a child, you can continue to do so as long as you both are comfortable with it. If you have never massaged your child, your teen may prefer you taking him or her to a certified massage therapist. (With teens who have never been given a massage as a child, this is pretty much a guarantee.)

Your teen has a lot of stress in his or her life. He/she is busy with school and homework, may be into sports or other after school curricular activities, hold a job, help around the house, etc. He or she may be worried about getting his/her driver’s license. Learning how to drive and knowing you could fail your driver’s test is a huge stress maker!

Your teen can benefit from massages. It is a good idea to set three to five times a week aside to give your teenager a massage. You can have the massages be as little as fifteen minutes if you so choose.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to perform the massage on your teen. Make this your special quiet time together. You may use essential oils to give the best massage as possible. Plus, the oils will seep into the skin helping your teen benefit even more.

When you give your child the gift of a routine massage you are benefiting his/her health not only mentally but physically as well. When your child is under stress, the stress hormones kick in making it hard for the body to stay healthy. Your child may become sick as the good cells are being taken over and making your child ill.

Your child will be able to focus on schoolwork, his/her job, homework, etc., when he/she is relaxed. You may see your child’s grades improve after you start to give him/her a massage a few times per week.

You may decide to give your child a sports massage, deep tissue massage, Trager massage, hot stone massage, etc.

The hot stone massage is extremely relaxing. Specific hot stones are used for different key parts of the body. The hot stones are made out of basalt which is a rock that is rich in iron. Due to the iron, the hot stones retain heat. Since the hot stones are so smooth due to being smoothed over by the river’s current, you can also take the hot stones and use them to massage parts of your teen’s body during massage time.

To heat the stones you will need to immerse them in water. You will then heat the stones in an electric heating device. Once your teen’s muscles are very relaxed, you can apply much deeper pressure if your teen needs it. Your teen will benefit from the warmth of the hot stones as they will improve his or her circulation and calm his/her nervous system.

Have peace of mind knowing you are helping your child in a loving and caring manner. You will feel very proud when your child is a happier and healthier person.

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